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How Will You know when you’re succeeding ?

  emoticone     Success isn’t a destination. It’s a journey.here’s cheklist : 

  •   Are you enjoying what you do ? 

  •    Are Your connections with friends, colleagues and family strenghened by your success ? 

  •    Are you  proud of your accomplishments 

  • In the process of achieving your goals, are you developing the qualities of kindness, self-respect, courage,compassion, patience, love and hope ? 
  • Are you able to shift negative self-talk to something more positive and useful ?

  •  Do you feel more in control of yourself and your life 

  • Has your spiritual life been enriched through the process of achieving this goal ? 

  • Are you of service to others ?

  • Are you more self-confident and sure of your capabilities as result of pursuing this dream ? 

  • Are you continuing to stretch just beyond your comfort zone ? 

  • Are you easily able to shift direction if the course you’ve been on isn’t working ? 

  • Are you consistently listening to your inner guidance and following its wisdom 

  emoticone    If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you are a success !when you’ve put a lot of hard work into an endeavor and it’s not going as you planned, it’s hard to step back and assess the situation. Is there something that you feel you’re « failing » at in your life ? the following questions will help you put some perspective on your experience. 

  • What ca you learn from that ? 

  • What are you doing right 

  • What outcome will make you feel you’re successful where did this begin to go wrong ? 

  • What do you wish you had done differently 

  • What is your intuition telling you to do about this situation ? 

                                    *posted by  Aouatif Chalat*

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