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A word about our educational system


At the pressent time, Morocco gives importance to the education of children.Our

Moroccan governmemnt offers school buildings, teaching material and human resourses to provide the necessary conditions for a successful educational process. Moreover it encourages the students to double their efforts

To improve their knowledge in different educational levels.

Morocco also initiated a lot of activities to fight illitracy in urban areas and also the rural world.

47 ℅ of people in our country are illitrate.women are more illitrate because

Parents send only boys to school .They think the boys will successfully find jobs whereas

girls will get married and have children.

Children in Morocco start school at the age of four First they study in kindergatens.

After this, they join primary school from the age six.When they are eleven, they join an elementary school from

up to the age of fifteen.Next they go to secondary schools from teh age of sixteen. After getting the baccalaureate, students

Can go to different institutions or to the university.Vocational schools are institutions which students who dont exel in education go. In these schools ,students are trained for different jobs such as that of a mechanic .a tailor ,a barber……I advise all students to continue their studies seriously in order to have the necessary qualifications to be active and productive in our society.




By Abubaker Imzil




              painted by Ismahane AÂMOUME


                    painted by LAHBIRI Abdelwa7id


                       painted by LAHBIRI Abdelwaid


                 painted  by Issam  BABLLAH


         drawn   by Issmahane AÂMOUME

How Will You know when you’re succeeding ?

  emoticone     Success isn’t a destination. It’s a’s cheklist : 

  •   Are you enjoying what you do ? 

  •    Are Your connections with friends, colleagues and family strenghened by your success ? 

  •    Are you  proud of your accomplishments 

  • In the process of achieving your goals, are you developing the qualities of kindness, self-respect, courage,compassion, patience, love and hope ? 
  • Are you able to shift negative self-talk to something more positive and useful ?

  •  Do you feel more in control of yourself and your life 

  • Has your spiritual life been enriched through the process of achieving this goal ? 

  • Are you of service to others ?

  • Are you more self-confident and sure of your capabilities as result of pursuing this dream ? 

  • Are you continuing to stretch just beyond your comfort zone ? 

  • Are you easily able to shift direction if the course you’ve been on isn’t working ? 

  • Are you consistently listening to your inner guidance and following its wisdom 

  emoticone    If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you are a success !when you’ve put a lot of hard work into an endeavor and it’s not going as you planned, it’s hard to step back and assess the situation. Is there something that you feel you’re « failing » at in your life ? the following questions will help you put some perspective on your experience. 

  • What ca you learn from that ? 

  • What are you doing right 

  • What outcome will make you feel you’re successful where did this begin to go wrong ? 

  • What do you wish you had done differently 

  • What is your intuition telling you to do about this situation ? 

                                    *posted by  Aouatif Chalat*

Do you know?

emoticone    My article is about Bigben.

Do you know? dans do you know? Big_Ben_face_8381

Bigben is the longest clock above the houses in Westminstern.Bigben is the most spectacular when it is illuminated at night     bigben4 dans do you know?    .

Its weight is at thirteen tonnes and its hight is 98 metres.It was referred to as the clock of Bigben.It was constructed between 1858 and 1859.The name Bigben actually refers to the clock tower but the bell was really named after Sir Benjamin Hall,the first commissioner at work.

       *submitted by Soufien Al azhar*

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