How To Organise Your Time

     emoticone  Sitting down to plan your work in detail may seem like a waste of time. However, taking the time to organise makes your studying more effective: 

 * You become more productive.  

 * The quality of your work improves. 

 * Because you know what you have done, and what you still have to do, you don’t panic about « falling behind », or leaving everything until the last minute. 

 * You build your confidence as a student, and enjoy the work more.   

 * You enjoy your leisure time more.            

    emoticone    I think the best way to organise is the one which works for you. There is no golden rules which works for everyone. These are general ideas that may help you to work out your own system for organising your time   

  emoticone  WHAT YOU DO:  

 + Work out how much time you have available, and when.   

 + List the tasks in hand.   

 + Work out priorities between these tasks. Which are more urgent?    

 + Make decisions about how long to spend on each task, and set targets for each work. 

  emoticone  WHAT YOU DON’T DO:    

 - Don’t try to do it all at once.   

 - Neglect any of your courses, especially those you find relatively easy (or particularly difficult). 

  - Drift from essay deadline to essay deadline. While working on an essay in one course, you should continue reading and preparing for classes in other courses, and perhaps makes initial preparations for a future essay. 

 - Allow yourself to be distracted. Stick to your timetable.                                                             

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